Sunday, 11 April 2010

Getting back to normal !!!!

Normal WTF is that? For me, normal the past 7 months has been illness, dying and death. I need to get some light into my life again.

I want to stop worrying and have fun. I feel as if I've aged 10 years in the last 2. I know I shouldn't complain, there are others far worse off than me, but sometimes you can't help it. Enough is enough though. I don't expect to stop grieving overnight, but I need to do something to lift my family and myself out of this depressing place.

Now that suddenly my brother and I are the oldest generation I feel as if I need to grow up or something. It's quite weird. I feel that I have to slough off this old me and re-invent myself. Quite how I'm going to do it I'm not sure, but I must do something!


Hardup Hester said...

Take care of yourself, life will improve soon for you I'm sure

Taz said...

Now there is a new normal, just like the fact we never stop missing them we just get more used to the fact that they're not here. ((((hugs)))) Things are all still so fresh, give yourself time hon x